What is a healthy Arizona?

 A healthy economy 

A quality, accessible health care system is vital to the health of our economy. According to the American Hospital Association, the hospitals and health systems in Arizona contribute more than $30 billion to the total economy for the state.


Hospitals play a key role in Arizona’s ability to attract economic development, competitive investment, and valuable talent. 

View the latest Economic Impact Report prepared for the Health System Alliance of Arizona here. 

A healthy community 

The effectiveness of our current system equips Arizona hospitals with the tools, talent and facilities necessary to provide quality care to meet the needs of nearly:

  • 3 million ER visits,

  • 3.5 million patient days

  • 483,000 surgeries

  • 81,644 births

-2018 Arizona Department of Health Services Hospital UAR Report

Arizona Health Status and Vital Statistics 2017 Annual Report, Arizona Department of Health Services

 A healthy workforce

The hospitals and health systems in Arizona contribute 210,297 jobs to the total State labor force, according to the American Hospital Association.


In 2018, the average wage of a full-time employee at an Arizona hospital was more than $75,000, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. That’s 52% more than the average Arizona wage of $49,290, according to employment and wage statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Arizona hospitals generate lucrative, quality job opportunities, that attract top talent to serve our communities.